We Are Team Players

A small team we might be, but then so were the Spartans!

We are human too and come complete
with bad hair styles.

We are a team of 6: 1 manager, 2 developers, 2 designers and 1 illustrator. Each team member has come to inkfish after working in their field for a number of years and are considered specialists in their area of expertise. With all our skills and knowledge combined, any job undertaken is given specialist attention to ensure a seamless process and a final product that is second to none.
Though each team member plays a vital role in the studio, the following three individuals are considered to be the nuts and bolts of inkfish:
Lead Developer

Ryan bleeds binary, he is all things raw code, completely unforgiving and always striving to over-clock areas of his brain to extreme meltdown limits. Other than his fondness for a 6mm diameter Old Holborn rolly, Ryan often fantasizes about super tight security. If you need a custom platform and piece of mind, he's your man.

Design & Management

Mario has worked at many design companies and provides consultancy work for small businesses wishing to bring their design requirements in-house, saving companies substantially on expenses. With his broad skill-set including in-motion video, print and web disciplines, there is no better man for managing your project.

Front-End Development

An enigma to the RSPCA but an asset to our team nonetheless, Phil is precision, speed and experience all rolled into one hairy package. To witness him work is mesmorising; churning out fancy user interfaces with an accompanying penchant for slick typopgraphy, usability and standards, you can do much worse than this beast of a man.

Our skills, at a glance

Though we have worked on more applications and platforms than we can possibly list, our main daily activities involve working in the areas listed opposite.

Like most studios, we at inkfish are developing our skills each day and are always open to fresh challenges. If your particular requirement involves some software or platform that hasn't been listed, don't hesitate to get in touch with us as we might still be able to help, (for example, we are more than competent with Corel Studio and Quark Express... although that's going way back!).


We do not stop until your vision has been realised in perfect detail; customer satisfaction means everything to us.